Pregnant Stray Cat With 24 Toes Gets Adopted

A stray cat with 24 toes is expecting and has chosen her human to help her stay safe and healthy.

“A pregnant stray cat with 24 toes who has decided I am her hooman now,” Reddit user beesknees2121 captioned the post.

She continued, “Honestly not a whole lot of back story she just was roaming around the area one day she liked the neighbors yard but they only semi tolerated her. She just started gravitating towards my house out of curiosity I guess and she was so cute of course I tried to love her and she just took to me pretty quickly and I have a cat so I had food already and I couldn’t let her be hungry lol. So of course she loved me after that but there were a couple times I think I saved her from other stray cats because I heard fighting and I called her (ill do pspsps or call her mama) and she came running and seemed happy to see me. Since then she’s been coming around a lot more too.”

The unique kitty has 6 toes on each paw.

Beesknees2121 says she is keeping momma and plans to rehome the kittens once they’re born.